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10 ft. Casita Showcase Kit

ITEM# 14106

Fill a 10’ x 10’ outdoor space with a click of a button. Designed for your ease, here is your outdoor turnkey solution.

10ft. Casita Showcase Kit Includes:
(1) 10ft. UV Casita Canopy Tent Graphic Package 
(1) Casita Backwall Graphic with Rail 
(2) 13ft. Falcon Flag Single-Sided Graphic Package

10ft. UV Casita Canopy Tent Graphic Package Includes: 
(1) Custom UV Fabric Canopy Tent Graphic Print 
(1) 10ft. Casita Canopy Frame 
(1) Carry Bag 
(4) Bungees
(4) Stakes

Casita Backwall Graphic and Rail Includes:
(1) Custom UV Fabric Backwall Graphic Print 
(1) Rail

(2) 13ft. Falcon Flag Single-Sided Graphic Package Includes:
(2) Custom Single-Sided Fabric Graphic Prints
(2) Poles
(2) Spike Bases
(2) Nylon Carry Bags

More information
The bottom edge of the back valence of the Casita Canopy Tent comes with sewn-on Velcro (hook-side) that connects to the Velcro (loop-side) which comes pre-installed on the top edge of the Backwall. Both fabric graphics are full color and are printed using UV inks and UV curing process. 

With five adjustable heights, the Casita Canopy frame is aluminum and collapsible. Simply collapse the frame and store it in the nylon travel bag. Nylon travel bag is black and has two short handle straps. 

The Rail is also aluminum and comes as three pieces: two long, one short. The short piece has push button snaps and is the middle between the two long pieces. Also included are two black clamps with twist knobs. Once assembled, slide rail through the bottom pole pocket of the fabric backwall and connect to the hex leg using the black clamps. Hug each clamp around hex leg, position end of rail into clamp, line up holes, then twist in knob until tight and in place. 

This 13ft. Falcon Flag is printed on polyester mesh by the process of dye sublimation. Our inks heavily saturate the material to create a "bleed-through" effect for our single-sided displays. Black flag trim is sewn on the spine of the graphic, leaving a pocket for the pole insertion. The edges are professionally hemmed. A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the graphic to the base. 

Lead Time Information:
*Ships within 3 Business Days
**Note - Lead times are AFTER client approval of graphics proof 
Configuration / Options
No options available for this item


Specification will be available soon
Instructions / Documentations
10 ft. UV Casita Canopy Tent - Specification Sheet
10 ft. UV Casita Canopy Tent - Graphic Template
10 ft. UV Casita Canopy Tent - Setup Instructions
Casita Backwall - Specification Sheet
Casita Backwall - Graphic Template
13 ft. Falcon Flag - Graphic Template
13 ft. Falcon Flag - Setup Instructions
13 ft. Falcon Flag - Specification Sheet