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8-Ft VAIL 120DB Graphic Package Edge Lit

ITEM# 18588

Vail-120DB is a double-sided Resort Extrusion with a 120mm wide profile. This extrusion has a solid outside finish. Because the profile width is so thick, VAIL-120DB is especially good for free-standing large images (tall or wide) because it is more stable than the skinnier profile widths; however, it can be wall mounted or hung overhead. When installing the fabric graphic, the keter can fit 12mm deep and 3mm wide into the keter trough. This extrusion is also compatible with ladder lights (comes with edge lights standard). 

Package Includes:
Edge Lights, 
(1) 4-Sided Frame, (1-2) Custom Single-Sided Graphic (SEG hem), (4) VAIL L-Corner Connectors, (16) Socket Screws, (1) 3mm Allen Wrench

Lead Time Information:
*Ships within 4 Business Days
**Note - Lead times are AFTER client approval of graphics proof