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Sneeze Guard - 36"W x 32"H x 12"D U-Shaped

ITEM# 22036

Product Overview:

Not everything can be handled completely without contact. In some areas or situations, personal encounters are unavoidable. In such cases, a sneeze guard helps protect your staff, customers and visitors. Protection on both sides – ideal for all locations.

- Easy to clean acrylic glass
- Easy Assembly
- Protects your staff / customers / visitors
- For various locations: authorities, public institutions, companies, pharmacies, shops ....

Lead Time Information:
*Ships within 5 Business Days

Access hole size: 251mm W X 200mm H

 *Custom size, shape and features available, please consult our reps for details

Shipping Weight: 16 lb.
Package Dimension: 48" x 36" x 1"